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Portrait Sculpture

Walker Hancock Sculpture

Sculptor Walker Hancock

"Sometimes it's not enough just to share the world with those exceptional few, but to commemorate them as well in a bronze or stone statue."

Here are a number of portrait sculptures, medallions, commemorative relief plaques, and coat of arms of famous people and not so famous people.

Sculpture can be commissioned on request of any subject and at any size. Many of the sculptures featured below are available so feel free to click on the picture and/or contact us for further information. You can also visit the commission page.

Bronze Plaques and Relief Sculpture


daniel nimham

Sachem Daniel Nimham


frank zappa

Frank Zappa

frank zappa memorial


sgt. saunders

Vic Morrow as

Sgt. Chip Saunders

vic morrow


Brigadier General

Thomas Francis Meagher


michael dunn

Michael Dunn

John Cooper Fitch Sculpture

John Cooper Fitch


dr. albert simone


Dr. Albert Simone

President of RIT


chang tung sheng

Chang Tung Sheng


sun lutang

Sun Lu Tang



NY Continental Soldier


NY Continental



mayor john cesar

Mayor John Cesar


Edgard Varese



Louis Armstrong











coleone kosmos

Corleone Kosmos

and John Campbell




bruce lee sculpture

Bruce Lee



sitting bull

Sitting Bull

edith read

Edith G. Read


Luigi Del Bianco




Bob Steele





hapsburg crest

Habsburg Coat of Arms



john cesar plaque

Mayor John Cesar

Memorial Plaque





elk plaque

Elk Plaque

bear plaque

Bear Plaque

four winds

Four Winds

jacksonville jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars






lake carmel Maltese cross

monticello Maltese cross

Lake Carmel and Monticello

Maltese Cross

archbishop burnett

Archbishop Brunett

walter bates

Walter Bates

coyote plaque


wolf plaque

Coyote and Wolf





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