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Commission a Sculpture

Michael Keropian Sculpture LLC




Michael Keropian can be commissioned to create a variety of sculptural projects at any size, from gigantic tigers for a baseball stadium and historic monuments, to portrait busts and small commemorative medals.

We will need to know some specifics about your project before giving you an accurate cost estimate: Subject, description, size of sculpture(s), material, site specifics of the location and timeline.

Generally a project can begin with as little as an inspiration or an idea from you and we can build on that.

Mr. Keropian has over forty years of experience in all phases of sculpture production and follows all projects through the complete process of creation. Some of these services include: Design work, historic research, 3-d modeling and sculpting, enlarging and reducing, moldmaking, bronze and fiberglass casting, Sculpture restoration, shipping and installation.

Purchasing a keropian Sculpture

Most of the sculptures on this website are for sale in a limited edition of bronze or bonded bronze casts. The same sculptures can also be enlarged or reduced in size to fit any specifications to fit a location.



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