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A figure sculpture of Vic Morrow in his role as Sergeant "Chip" Saunders from the television show COMBAT!

The show aired from 1962-1967

Creating this 30 inch tall figure of Sgt. Saunders allowed me not only to memorialize a wonderful actor but to work in a genre that I have enjoyed for many years. Aside from researching the series episodes, I studied WW II regalia in detail. It was important to me that the figure was historically accurate and also reflected the show. There were some discrepancies of accuracy with the tv series, so I tried to correct any major mistakes. A special thank you to those real experts who helped me along the way.

Saunders is holding a 1928 Thompson SMG, and includes engraved dog tags, US canteen, .45 cal, .45 cal clip bag, first aid kit, double buckle boots and a British P-37 clip bag that the Saunders used in the first season. Less evident is the parachute camo over his helmet that the actor used in the series.

The figure is available in bonded bronze or bronze in limited edition.

Please feel free to contact me in regard to creating Veteran's Memorials and miltitary genre sculptures.

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Vic Morrow / Sgt. Saunders Busts also available!


Jo Davidsmeyer's COMBAT! TV Series website. This site is filled with tons of information about the show.


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