Bas Relief of Walker Hancock
I graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, where the name Walker Hancock was known only too well as the finest of sculptors and an inspirational instructor.

Five years later I found myself at the Tallix Foundry in New York, restoring the work of Charles Grafly. Mr. Hancock was the technical advisor to the late Mr. Grafly; and had come in to check on my restoration work before proceeding with a mold. It was certainly an honor to meet him, but like Walker, he always made you feel like he was honored to meet you. We reminisced about the Academy and sculpture and without hesitation he invited me to his studio in Lanesville, MA. It took a couple years and a few letters where both our schedules would allow for the studio visit. But it finally was scheduled. I was always amazed at the energy and activity Mr. Hancock had in his nineties.

The studio visit was inspirational and a great experience for me, and not to go into too much detail here, I'll just say he invited me to send him photographs of my sculpture work, where he would proceed to critique each work: always saying what he liked about them and where I needed work. I never needed to wait for a reply, he would always respond within two weeks of my sending them.

I had always wished to thank him for his inspiration, critiques, and his time and encouragement. I then created the bas relief and sent it to him, like a big thank you card.

I did receive a reply:

"Dear Michael,

I was suprised, delighted and very much touched this morning when I opened the large box and found inside your relief portrait of us both!

I hardly know how to thank you for doing this...for your thought of me and the fine job you did with it. I certainly don't deserve this kindness but I admit that it makes me very happy!

I look forward to seeing you again when you can come this way. In the mean time I can only wish you the best of everything: in your work and your life. Do keep in touch with me.

Gratefuly Yours- Walker Hancock, 1994"

was known only too wel

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