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michael dunn sculpture


Actor Michael Dunn was born Gary Neil Miller. October 20, 1934 – August 30, 1973

Michael Dunn suffered from medical dwarfism, a result of spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia (SED, subtype unknown), a genetic defect of cartilage production caused by a mutation in the COL2A1 (type II collagen) gene. This disorder, classified as a skeletal dysplasia, caused distorted development of his limbs, spine, and ribcage and led to early, widespread osteoarthritis and constricted lung growth. As an adult, he stood 3' 10" and weighed about 78 pounds (117 cm, 35 kg).

Michael Dunn was probably best known for his recurring role as Dr. Miguelito Loveless on the television series the Wild Wild West. Dunn received an Oscar nomination and the Laurel Award as the best supporting actor for his role as the cynical Karl Glocken in Ship of Fools (Columbia Pictures, 1965, directed by Stanley Kramer).

"I admired and respected Michael for his talent and for being able to break free of the stereotype roles that would normally be given to a man of his stature." Richard Kiel Actor


michael dunn dr. loveless




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