Michael Moser creates a wide range of fine sculptures in a variety of mixed media. His expertise in wood and stone carving, welding and construction is renowned by his peers, students and collectors. His unique approach in combining exotic and hardwood, stone and metal create facinating compositions and a lasting impression to the viewer. This is just a small sample of his work. He also takes on commissions. Contact Michael Moser for more information:



Cedar Female Figure (life-size)
"A Traction on the Dance Floor"

Pine, Rhoodendron and Steel. 56" H

"Reclining Nude"

Walnut with Elm Base. 56" L


Steel. 62" H

"A Tough Row To Hoe"

Elm and Steel. 33" H

"Fake To The Left"

Steel and Brass. 23" H x 26" L

"The Brass Neckless"

Cherry, Steel and Brass. 67" H

"Thing Thong"

Cherry and Steel. 21"H x 30"L

"Reclining Delusion" Cherry and Steel. 24" H
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