Anatomy Sculpture, Flayed Figures, L'Ecorche Studies and Casts

anatomy face study

A number of the anatomical sculptures below were originally created by Michael Keropian for the sculpture apprentices at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City during the late 1990's. Plasters were originally donated to educational institutions in the United States.

The face above was inspired by Michelangelo's David and then flayed. All anatomical studies are available in bronze or bonded bronze or in a standard white resin. The sculpture studies of hands and feet shown below are "twice" the size of life.
Click on any image for a better view and more information.

The sculptures on this site can be specially ordered or a new design or size can be commissioned of any part of the body.






caudron L'Ecorche

Caudron L'Ecorche

27" H





Houdon L'Ecorche

28" H & 12" H




houdon L'ecorche life-size

Houdon L'Ecorche






Lanteri L'Ecorche

33" H





crouching man

Keropian Anatomy Man

16" H




standing foot

Standing Foot



left anatomy hand

Left Hand





Flayed Arm



right anatomy hand

Right Hand


anatomy foot

Pointed Foot




Belvedere Torso


Ear Study





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