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Figurative Sculpture, Fountain and Garden Sculpture

"Clapotis" & "Atalanta" Girls on Dolphin


Michael Keropian can be commissioned to design and create a variety of figurative sculptures and ornamental pieces for public and private locations.

"I am inspired by the human form and incorporate this inspiration into my compositions combining the elements and symbols of nature into a spiritual celebration of movement. shape and form. I find the reward in creating a fine sculptural composition which in essence is a combination and balance of representation, abstraction and design that works with its surroundings."

My portrayals of individuals are focused toward not only gathering a likeness, rather the inspirational essence, characteristics and spirit of the individual.

The architectural work is generally garnered toward working as a team so the style and methods may change accordingly to each project. I do enjoy the challenges of working between certain parameters and styles specified by each project and working with design teams and committees to get the best results possible.





dr. albert simone

Dr. Albert Simone






sgt. saunders

Sgt. Chip Saunders

daniel nimham

Sachem Daniel Nimham


atalanta th

Atalanta w/ Dolphin


frank zappa memorial

Frank Zappa Memorial


samurai sculpture

Martial Arts Sculpture




girl with wolf

Call for Preservation


coleone kosmos

Corleone Kosmos

w/driver John Campbell


ny continetal soldier

New York Continental Soldier

(In Progress)



sleeping girl th

Sleeping Girl













changing tide

Changing the Tide











anatomy man

Crouching Man L'Ecorche










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