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The following list of links are to a variety of artist websites. The second section of links will take you to art organizations, schools and galleries.

Since making art and selling art are two different occupations, I am merely providing an outlet for some of my fellow artists who create really fine artworks who would otherwise have no representation on the internet. Their contact info and bio's will be provided on their page or website so you may contact them directly.

Links that are specifically related to my individual sculptures are provided on those pages of my website.


Artist Websites

ron mineo

Ron Mineo works both in abstract and figurative styles and in a number of materials and mixed media.

He is also instructor of Artlife Studios, located in Westchester, New York.


Michael Moser Sculpture

Michael Moser creates a wide range of fine sculptures in a variety of mixed media. His expertise in wood and stone carving, welding and construction is renowned by his peers, students and collectors.

studio conti

For some really fine high polish stainless steel sculpture and wonderful graphics: Visit Andy Conti and his daughter Susan.

Rick Costello Space Art

Rick Costello creates original Astronomy Paintings of the universe and our solar system. Finely detailed and accurate, these paintings reveal the vastness of space and our relationship in the universe. Mr. Costello and his telescope are also available for lectures and demonstrations at schools.


albert wein

Albert Wein (1915-1991) was one of America's most imaginative and prolific artists. Mr. Wein's sculptures, paintings and drawings in abstract or representation captures our imaginations with his strong Beaux Arts compositions.


Barbron LLC Engraving

Barbron LCC provides stone and glass etching and engraving for resdential, business and industrial customers. They do it all, from large entrance stones to memorials and gift rocks.

jude harzer fine art

Jude Harzer specializes in creating unique oil portraits and drawings that celebrate the beauty and spirit of children and the female figure. Using a quilt like motif and symbolic elements, these "visual narratives" reveal the meaningful life story of each subject.

Steven Flom Sculpture

Steven Flom is inspired by the human form which is the earthly embodiment to the Soul. His stone sculptures portray both the human spirit and the magic of stone.

Owen Phillips

is from Philadelphia but has been living in France for the past 16 years. He can often be found poking around in cemeteries, hiking World War One battlefields, scouring junkyards or anywhere else automobiles past their prime have been abandoned, tracking down and capturing on film elusive roadkill victims, and sitting at tables in French cafés sipping red or white wine in reasonable quantities to wash down the frog legs and snails that he adores in his adopted country. However, his life has not been limited to the USA and France, recent travels have included Haiti, Lebanon, Syria, Guadeloupe, Italy, the Canary Islands, and Belgium. The desire to share these experiences has recently given rise to the creation of a blog which is making a valiant effort at summarizing in a semi-coherent manner some of the above activities in both visual and written form. Feel free to drop by and visit :

And if you like it, well, pass it on !


david w. Yee

Four Corners Tai Chi

Yang Style Taiji, Chen Style Taiji, Hsing- I, Baguazhang.



Hudson Valley Art Association

If you are an artist or patron of the traditional arts consider a membership or donation to the Hudson Valley Art Association. For the past 77 years Hudson Valley has provided an annual exhibition to promote and encourage artists who work in traditional drawing, painting and sculpture.



lori rubin


Ava Yoga is a private studio located in Brewster, New York offering small and personalized classes. Private Sessions are just as popular, especially: if you have specific goals or concerns, you are feeling overwhelmed or depressed, are a beginner, or the individual looking for a deeper practice.

Arts on the Lake

Created to inspire creativity in all the arts. The Center provides a creative haven for people of all ages to practice many of the arts with professionals in their field. The Center is located on Lake Carmel in Putnam County, NY.

Martial Arts/ Chinese Martial Arts Brewster, NY

Welcome to the Hall of the Gathering Dragons
We train in Traditional Chinese Martial Arts and Chinese Healing Arts. This system is known as "Chung Kuo Ch'uan" (Chinese Fist).
This includes both Internal and External Arts​

Master Phil Sant



The Society of Figurative Arts

SOFA is an open forum where artists; the beginner, professional and those who appreciate the figurative arts come to share ideas, get questions answered and to expand their individual creative skills.


Carina Rosanna Tăutu is an award wining director/screenwriter/producer trained in both her native Romania and the US.









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