Architectural Sculpture, Detroit Tiger Stadium, Comerica Park


comerica park tiger stadium

In the spring of 2000, the Detroit Tigers opened their new stadium Comerica Park. Thousands of fans came out on that frigid day to commemorate the new stadium. Nine tigers watch the fans as they enter the stadium gates and roam the colloseum. The tiger sculptures are an average height of 12 feet to the shoulder, with the largest on the ground level at 15 feet.

The longest tigers are over 33 feet long. These tigers are the largest tiger sculptures in the North America, perhaps in the Western Hemisphere.

Four tiger models were designed and used to make the nine heroic-sized tigers on the stadium. These four models are available in a bronze limited edition.

Keropian Sculpture LLC can create any animal of any size and style to fit your site-specific needs and budget.


tiger head light

This is a film clip preview showing the process of creating the gigantic tiger sculptures on Comerica Park, home of the Detroit Tigers Baseball Team. We are working on the full length film.




bronze tigers

Bronze Tigers




detroit tigers northgate

Tigers at the North Gate



tiger stadium opening day

Opening Day at Comerica Park


south gate tigers comerica park

Tigers at the South Gate

making the tigers on comerica park

Making the Tigers for Comerica Park




North Gate Tigers







detroit tiger installation

Detroit Tiger Sculpture Installation




score board at comerica park

Tigers on the Scoreboard






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