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Articles and Books

Below are a list of some books and periodicals that contain articles about Michael Keropian or feature his sculpture work.

Additional articles about specific subjects can also be found on the individual sculpture pages throughout this website.

"The Martial Artist As A Work Of Art" by author Ronald P. Mombello. 1992

Sports Illustrated 2000

"The Ballpark Book : A Journey Through the Fields of Baseball Magic" by Ron Smith

"Hauntings of the Hudson River Valley: An Investigative Journey" by Vincent Decquino 2007

"Carmel (New York) (Postcard History Series)" by George C. Whipple 2007

"Mount Nimham: The Ridge of Patriots " by Thomas F. Maxson 2009

"The Hudson River Valley Review" Spring 2010, "Wappinger Kinship Associations: Daniel Nimham's Family Tree" by J. Michael Smith



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modern culture magazine

ballpark book

hauntings book

carmel book

mt. Nimham book



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